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Lily4Humanity is a charity project for everyone. People of all ages and backgrounds from across the world are welcome to join. The goal is to unite all generations and celebrate humanity with creativity in all kinds of fields. From art and photography to creative writing and dancing.

Lily4Humanity is an anti-war, anti-racism, anti-discrimination, and anti-bullying project. With Lily4Humanity Contest & Exhibition project, I’m hoping to be able to fundraise for charities that support and empower young people regarding education and integration. I always say Education means Independence and Independence means Liberty.

Lily4Humanity can only reach its goal and make an incredible difference with the creative support of individuals who care about humanity as much as I do.


An independent Swiss-Iranian children and YA writer, blogger, illustrator, and lyricist. My books are based on or inspired by my memoir THE STOLEN YEARS IN ZURICH. My stories are about love, loyalty, friendship, honesty, compassion, and kindness and are available in English, German, Italian, and Spanish. I found my passion for writing in my late 20es. In my teenage years, my first and only passion was art. It was my way of self-therapy. My passion for songwriting began in my 30es. It was also my way of escaping from reality.


My featured artist Warren Young “Thir13een” is an exceptionally talented British music producer and singer-songwriter who works in the entertainment industry for years. His passion is to bring audio visions to life. Warren has spent 15 years in the music industry and is on a mission to educate music creators globally on how to create professional audio they've always dreamed of creating whilst releasing melodic soulful pop tracks that his fans can enjoy. He has also landed major placements with Universal Music, MTV, 50 Cent, Apple Music & BBC Radio 1xtra, and was awarded the #1 music coaching award on YouTube Music in 2018.


Lily4Humanity wants people from all generations, backgrounds, nationalities, levels of education, religion, gender, shape, size, and race to connect and celebrate humanity with creativity globally.


As a former child war-refugee, I know the nightmare of experiencing war first-hand and becoming an unwelcome refugee in a foreign country. My mum Sima and I have experienced rejection and suffered both for decades because of narrow-minded humans, and the refugee regime/law for ages. Racism, discrimination, and bullying have been part of our mother/daughter lives like millions of other victims.

My song lyrics are inspired by my pain and sorrow and the desperate feeling of helplessness and loneliness. My collaboration with singer Thir13een started with my online petition #HumanityB4Nationality in spring 2022 for better rights for refugees regarding education and integration! Our creative journey continues. I plan to release more songs with meaningful lyrics and spread the message of unity, equality, and humanity, and be the Voice for the Voiceless!

My collaboration with singer Thir13een started with my online petition #HumanityB4Nationality in spring 2022 for better rights for refugees regarding education and integration! Our creative journey continues. I plan to release more songs with meaningful lyrics and spread the message of unity, equality and humanity and be the Voice for the Voiceless!


With an international creativity contest, I give people the chance to shine and become the Voice for the Voiceless as well. The more people join my journey, the more we can achieve together. The miracle of music, lyrics combined with the miracle of art and words is powerful. We can create change and leave a legacy of humanity for this and the next generations.

My first goal is to release an album with a collection of my songs in collaboration with my amazingly talented feat. Artist Thir13een. So far we have released the following tracks. More songs are in progress and will be released...

  • 80 MILLION PEOPLE! a soul/R&B song dedicated to all the refugees worldwide
  • BLOOD IS ALWAYS RED! an anti-war & –discrimination rap song
  • THE STOLEN YEARS a pop song inspired by Lily’s memoir
  • THE THREE OF US a reminder, that there is higher power watching over us
  • YOYO & CHESS an empowering rap song about the desire for liberty
  • S.I.M.A a pop song dedicated to sacrificing mothers worldwide

    My second goal Lily4Humanity – Creativity Contest (June – December 2023)
    I want to inspire creative people with my song lyrics and give them the chance to shine with their own creativity and bring awarness to important topics with creativity in different fields.

  • Artwork Contest
  • Photography Contest
  • Writing Contest
  • The Dancing Contest

    My third goal Lily4Humanity – A Virtual Exhibition (March – August 2024)
    We will carefully choose THE BEST artworks, photography, short stories, poems, and dance videos and celebrate the winners in a virtual exhibition that will be accessible to everyone from everywhere.

    Visitors will be entering a magical 3D world and have an unforgettable experience. A spectacular 360° Video, light, music and lyrics virtual experience where we will be presenting all contest winners!

    Final goal Lily4Humanity – City Exhibitions (2024 - 2025)
    A real Video, light and music experience for music, art and literature lovers!

    Stay tuned...

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