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Nominated Multi-Genre Author Lily Amis writes & publishes books for children and adult based on true life stories that inspire readers. Print Book & E-book titles such as: "Destination:Freedom" (the first part of a trilogy) and "Definition of Freedom" (the second part) and "Angel of Hope & Lily featuring Monsieur Jac Couture" are available on Amazon & Smashwords.com. E-Books are also available on Barnes & Noble, Gardners, Apple, Scribd, Kobo and more.

Whatever Lily Amis writes, whether it is her memoir "The Lily Amis Story", her children’s books or song lyrics, all her work have one thing in common: The stories are based or inspired by true stories. Other Book titles by Lily Amis are "Peanut & Lily", "Angel of Love & Lily" , "Little Lily", "Bon Voyage, Monsieur Jac & Lily travel to Europe" and "America's Royal Family", Lilys first illustrated Fiction & humour book

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